About Us

Diva Lure is a fashion market brand of Bi Bai Si Trading Co.,Ltd.

DIVA LURE is lifestyle promoter that is dedicated in the designing, producing, marketing and promotion of a variety of jewelries and fashion accessories with a modern twist, all at very affordable costs. Physically, we are based in Futian District, Shenzhen City, a hub in China that designs and produces a majority of gem-embedded jewelries or modern non-gem fashion accessories, including the earrings, necklaces, bracelets and other items that will add irresistible charm to girls and ladies with sense of beauty in their hearts.

Virtually, we don’t confine ourselves in any small corner of the world, but strive to connect with people around the globe, so that we can hear from them, understand their needs, and keep upgrading ourselves and deliver the best products and services to our customers on every continent of the earth.

Based in the hub of modern fashion and jewelry industry, we have the access to the top-quality fashion accessories at super competitive costs, and would like to pass that cost-effectiveness to you, our valued customers who’ve been consistently looking for more affordable and yet stunningly beautiful items to fill up your jewelry caskets and shine perfectly with your selected garments for events and occasions.



Once the check-out sum of your purchase reaches USD 28.00 (or around GBP 25), we offer FREE SHIPPING, to global destinations. The standard shipping fee for purchases below this amount is only at USD 8.00, which is also affordable to our international customers.

Visit the Shipping Policy page for full details.


We REFUND if you are not satisfied

We understand that sometimes you may find the product received isn’t what you expected exactly. This seldom happens to our products, but anyway, we do offer a refund mechanism so that you know you can always get your money back when things go wrong somehow. Check out and refund policy here.

Visit the Return & Refund Policy page for full details.


We care about our customers' health and well-being

Jewelry and fashion items often get close contacts to our skins so they need to be carefully designed and manufactured with proper choice of materials to avoid any health risks.

We understand many of you could be sensitive to various alloys, and that's why we chose only non-allergic natural materials for our products. For example, the back posts of most of our earrings are made of 925 sterling pure silver to make sure they are non-irritating to most of sensitive lobes, and will ensure long-time comfortable wearing. If, in rare cases, any materials in the products could impose any slight risk of allergy, we would certain give you a pre-warning and let you know about the details in our product description.

We value the privacy of our customers

Therefore we have full and comprehensive Privacy Policy in place, so that you can be assured that all your personal information is well protected and respected while browsing and placing the orders with us. Check out the full copy of our Privacy Policy here.

New customers are encouraged to visit our General Terms & Conditions for Sales & Services page for more information. 

Your Fashion & Jewelry Experts

We specialize in the designing, producing, marketing and promotion of a variety of jewelries and fashion accessories with a modern twist, all at very affordable costs.

Pick your chic choices today and make a statement for your special (or all) occasions.